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Planning and Legal Services

We are asked by our clients to conduct surveys for numerous reasons, the most common of which are:

  • Surveys for design of extensions, buildings and loft conversions
  • Assessment of structural stability
  • The conversion of a house to flats
  • Quantity surveying of buildings and materials
  • Architects and builders in London

    The knowledge gained from completion of the survey helps us to ensure that subsequent designs are in keeping with both client requirements and building limitations.


    Our focus when planning for our clients is to help them realise their dreams.

    Whether we are designing a simple loft conversion or a large house extension, we are always conscious that we are helping clients make more of their home. Our experience and expertise ensures we will help you achieve what you want from your home.
    The knowledge gained from our surveys enables us to consider any structural, technical or regulatory limitations in our clients ideas and ensure that these are reflected in our plans.

    In this way, we ensure that our plans fit both our clients ideals and buildings regulations as quickly and simply as possible.

    Legal Aspects

    As with many things in life, making changes to your home often requires approval - usually from the local council.

    The most common approvals required are:

  • Planning permission
  • Building regulation
  • Fire safety

  • We consult on a daily basis with the relevant departments within local councils to ensure that all our plans comply with the relevant regulations. We will worry for you by arranging the legal work and any inspections that are required.

    If you share a party wall of line of junction with a neighbour we will raise all the necessary paperwork for you. If necessary, we will consult directly with your neighbours to re-assure them that any work carried out will not affect their property. In short, all you need worry about is the decoration afterwards.

    If you would like us to help you with your survey or wish to discuss any legal aspects involved in your project
    Please contact us by clicking here

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