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         - Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

During any building work customers usually have a myriad of questions that will need answering to help them understand the development process. Questions such as:

  • "Do I need planning permission?"
  • "Can my neighbours object?"
  • "What are the costs involved for building control and planning?"
  • "How much should the work cost me?"
  • "What about indemnity guarantees?"
  • "Am I eligible for a grant?"
  • "Do I come under fire regulations?"

  • These and many other questions are invariably specific to your project.

    General Build Processes    What processes does the development go through?

    The main development processes are itemised below:

  • Liasion with customer to understand the project requirements

  • Short feasability study to establish whether your project can be structurally undertaken

  • Sketch Plan produced to explain technical and other restrictions to customer

  • If approved - full plans drawn up together with material requirements and costings

  • Final plans if approved are submitted to the local council's planning control offices for approval

  • Upon approval, work can commence shortly afterwards

  • The process can take several weeks depending on the nature of the project undertaken - however smaller projects generally are fully completed within two weeks. A more accurate idea of time requirement will be given during the initial consultation.

    Loft Conversion Questions

    Are there different types of loft conversions

    Yes, Converting the area already available is called " Rooflight" or "Velux" conversion. A conversion with an extension to the roof is called a "Dormer" conversion.

    Can all Lofts be converted

    No, it is not practical for some lofts to be converted. Providing you have enough height in your loft available there should not be a problem. We offer a free consultation to potential customers call to make an appointment.

    Do I need building plans for my loft conversion

    Yes, if your loft is for habitable accomodation, then it needs to be planned professionally to ensure it conforms to stringent building control regulations.At Space Design Consultants our Architects work to the highest standards and specifications.

    How much will my loft cost

    Each conversion is Individual, and cost will vary accordingly depending on property and requirements. You will be given a quote after your first consultation, for the work required.

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